Your Content is the New Cold Call

From Jason Wesbecher via theFunnelHolic-  A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend Forresters Sales Enablement Forum and talk with peers in the industry about how thoroughly B2B sales is changing (the phrase tectonic shift was not overused). The facts support the narrative that selling today is radically different than it was a mere decade ago: 80% of customers prefer getting their info from content rather than sales reps; there are 5+ stakeholders now involved in every purchase decision; and less than half of the deals in the forecast close today. In other words, its a mess. And sales reps & managers are left trying to sort it out.

One of the things that struck me is how outreach has changed. If buyers want to conduct research at the time and pace of their choosing, then what is the role of the cold call? While I hate to reopen the cold calling is dead debate, I do have a strong opinion that it simply isnt an effective or productive tool in this new selling environment. Your content is.

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