What’s in Your B-to-B Customer Experience Function?

From Sirius Decisions – What’s in your customer experience function? This is not a trick question. The definition of customer experience is a moving target. We know this because we asked more than 200 b-to-b companies with a customer experience function what they include in it.

What we found is that most organizations have room to evolve the customer experience function and realize more of its potential. Many companies have already made great strides with coordination around the buyer’s journey and can do the same with aligning the post-sale customer lifecycle. Rather than letting each function determine its contributions independently, companies should use the customer experience role to create alignment without insisting on ownership. This collaborative model embraces complexity while also providing organization, and can be used to keep the customer’s point of view (and changes to it) represented in all experience decisions.

Image courtesy of siriusdecisions.com

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