Top Influencers in Customer Success for 2014

From Frontleaf – We are pleased to introduce the Frontleaf 50 to Follow, our first annual list of the movers-and-shakers in the world of Customer Success. We are recognizing the innovators who are pioneering the best practices, building the enabling technologies, and educating the industry on all things Customer Success.

Why did we make this list? Well, Customer Success is a rapidly evolving mindset and operation, based on the view that the #1 way to build a successful business is to ensure that your customers are achieving value through the use of your product and their relationship with your company.We often get asked: What should I be reading to learn more about Customer Success? Instead of focusing on just the resources, we chose to call out the people who are doing the best thinking, discovering, and sharing in this exciting new field, and to bring together all of their valuable thought leadership.

We broke our list into three categories, and include the individuals alphabetically within them. Strategists are developing and evangelizing the concepts underlying Customer Success from the financial benefits to the latest techniques to the customer-centric mentality. Practitioners are on the front lines every day, leading teams and sharing what they are discovering. Technologists are building the rich tapestry of products that make Customer Success practices more effective.

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