The “3 Ps” of Killer Drip Campaigns for Sales

From Jason Wesbecher via theFunnelHolic- It’s no secret that selling in today’s buying environment is really tough. Sales cycles are getting longer, more buyer stakeholders are involved in the process, and competition is brutal. Given the amount of time that can elapse between a first call and a contract, successful sales reps often employ a tactic originally invented by marketing the drip campaign.
A drip campaign for sales is similar to ones run by the marketing department with two major exceptions. Campaigns run by sales are highly tailored to the unique deal being worked (think of it as laser focused versus shotgun). And salespeople have to execute these campaigns via email, because they typically lack access to or know how of marketing automation systems.

In my experience selling and managing sellers over the last 17 years, drip campaigns can have a profound impact on maintaining the buyers attention during the ebbs and flows of a sales cycle. And a drip campaign consisting of good content can actually influence the buyers thinking about whats under consideration. Winning drip campaigns typically adhere to 3 guiding principles: Pace, Personality & Packaging.

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