Millennials Dispel 5 Myths About Their Generation

From – Everyone is obsessed with millennials — hiring them, managing them, understanding them. But what to do millennials think about how they are perceived? Staff writer Lauren Brousell (a member of Gen Y herself) recently moderated a panel packed with millennials at CIO Perspectives and sets the record straight.

As a millennial in the workforce, I see many experts claim they know how to manage my generation and understand why we act the way we do. The only thing missing from many of those ideas is a millennial voice. Last week at CIO Perspectives Virginia, a one-day event for senior IT executives, I moderated a panel that included three millennials from ages 26-31, with different connections to IT. We set out to address the myths that surround our generation and give some context to why these perceptions exist and how boomers and Gen-X-ers can better understand us.

Myth 1: We are restless job hoppers who don’t have any loyalty to our companies. If we are bored or unsatisfied, we will move on without looking back.
Myth 2: We are overconfident, even cocky, in our abilities, especially regarding technology. We act this way toward baby boomers and Gen-X-ers and believe our familiarity with technology is superior.
Myth 3: We have a constant need for feedback and we want a back-and-forth dialogue all the time. If we don’t get that, we might assume we’re not doing a good job or that we’re not liked.
Myth 4: We are self-promotional. Marketing ourselves, establishing a personal brand and having social media presence are important to us.
Myth 5: We need immediate gratification. We’re always looking for a quick response and as many likes and retweets as we can get.

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