Lessons from the Best Unsubscribe Messages Ever

From OpenView- To many of us marketers, “unsubscribe” is the end of the road. Your prospect is cutting ties, calling it quits. She doesn’t want to hear from you anymore. Game over. It’s time to move on. But does it really have to be the end? Are you really ready to let your prospects walk away so easily?

Surprisingly, many companies are. They never stop to think that maybe, just maybe it’s not them (in fact, they’re pretty likeable!), it’s not the product (it could actually be really useful), it’s not even the message (totally preaching to the choir). Maybe it’s just that the last thing the prospect needs is another email in their inbox every single day. They just aren’t looking for that level of commitment.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t interested. Or that they wouldn’t be open to engaging with you another way. Great marketers don’t see “unsubscribe” as the end, they see it as what it really is: another opportunity to engage and get feedback. In fact, aside from the moment they first subscribe/click download/opt in, unsubscribing may ironically be the moment when your audience is most primed and open to receiving a message from you.

Image courtesy of openviewpartners.com

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