Climbing the Data Analytics Ladder for Customer Success

From Frontleaf – The practice of Customer Success is taking off across the SaaS industry and beyond. Its become an executive priority.Its baked into the culture at winning companies.Its even a job title you are seeing everywhere.

Customer Success teams are now more data savvy than ever.Talk to a Customer Success Director, and she will tell you that having a timely and integrated view of her customers’ usage, support, relationship, and subscription data is a requirement for doing her job. Shell also tell you she wants her team to act faster and more decisively on early warning signs of customer churn.And she may let on that her team struggles with information overload, that uncovering customer health signals can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

So what are these meaningful customer health insights?How does our Customer Success Director discover them, and why should she put trust in them? That’s where the world of data analytics comes into play, and why its so important to have data smarts (or access to them) on the Customer Success team.

In this post and the next, I’ll explore what kinds of data analytics Customer Success teams are putting into practice today, what the biggest challenges are, and Ill introduce the 5-Step Data Analytics Ladder for Customer Success.

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